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Cut costs and increase efficiency with our leading managed IT services

Axial’s approach to managed IT services is straightforward. Our aim is always to provide services that clearly demonstrate reduced running costs, improved efficiency and tangible business benefits, within a partnership framework. Our customers completely retain full ownership of their business processes.

A managed IT service is essentially a strategic transference of operations. We understand that when our customers transfer an operation or service to us, they entrust us with that operation for a period of time. This implicit trust relationship is important to us and it is at the heart of our service provision.

Axial’s managed IT services are always based on a modular, flexible approach (never ‘all or nothing’), so that we are able to provide the exact set of services that each customer needs to meet their particular operational and business requirements.

Our managed IT services include:

Benefits gained from using Axial’s managed IT services include:

  • Budgeting – moving expenditure from CapEx (Capital Expenditure) to OpEx (Operating Expense).
  • Rapid Return on Investment (ROI) – cost effective, efficient utilisation and support models.
  • Operational & business efficiency gains – cost effective access to skilled resources and services.
  • Cost reduction – streamlining of administrative and management tasks.
  • Improved efficiency – reduction in fault occurrence & resolution time through pro-activity.
  • Increased business agility – introduction of automation and workflow processes.

Ensure that critical business resources such as applications, services and bandwidth, are available in the most cost efficient manner, on demand, and in real time

As the network has become critical to business success, and enterprises increasingly look to align business goals with their IT infrastructure, the need to understand what is on the network has become crucial. By providing end-to-end visibility into application performance over the Wide Area Network (WAN), from request to delivery, Axial can help enterprises to optimise their network resources and increase return on investment. Application-Aware Network Performance Monitoring (AANPM) and Application Transaction Monitoring (ATM) are at the heart of our Managed WAN Optimisation service.

AANPM is designed to address a relatively new challenge in the IT Decision Support world; how to manage the performance of, and ensure the availability of, business critical applications, typically comprised of multiple in-house and outsourced IT Services.

ATM gives a reliable view of application delivery. Through synthetic transactions, we are able to simulate, monitor and measure the typical interactive steps in a typical user workflow in the request and use of an application.

We aim to help our customers to build a business aware Application Delivery Network (ADN), aligned to Business Services and Business Processes and to enable them to define, measure and manage Service Level Agreements (SLAs) on a per application basis.

Axial’s WAN Optimisation Managed Service is designed to help organisations to achieve the most with their Application Delivery Network (ADN) at the least cost, and to ensure that critical business resources such as applications, services and bandwidth, are available in the most cost efficient manner, on demand, and in real time. Our WAN and Application Optimisation managed service essentially adds a Decision Support System (DSS) service layer to the ADN, while also providing the necessary utilisation, administrative, management and support services required for the underlying technologies efficiently.

Summary Paragraph:  Network access control-as-a-service delivers visibility and control over devices on the network whilst using operational expenditure and avoiding the need for hardware, management and training overheads.

Network Access Control (NAC) is a primary business requirement for enterprises today, especially with the proliferation of malware and zero day attacks, and the now fundamental business requirement for organisations to provide guest or contractor access to their networks, as well as the need to apply security policies to mobile and remote employees. Consumerisation of IT trends now also mean that enterprises require appropriate policies, backed by robust technology services to accommodate the BYOD issue.

Historically, NAC has been expensive, cumbersome, and impossible to implement, primarily because it has typically been 802.1x based with multiple technology and operational management requirements and a mandatory supplicant or agent use, Axial’s Managed NAC & Policy Compliance service approaches the issue from a completely different perspective. It is non-intrusive and non-disruptive, and it works with the technology you already have in place such as existing switches, firewalls, antivirus systems. It requires no changes to your existing infrastructure and no investment in additional network infrastructure.  It is also clientless, making implementation straightforward and running costs economical.

Our managed NAC service provides and manages pre-admission endpoint security policy checks and post-admission security controls to amalgamate the following:

  • Endpoint Security Technology
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Network Access, Security and Policy Enforcement

The primary aim of the service is to provide a robust NAC, Policy Compliance and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) solution, which addresses the typical issues synonymous with implementing NAC, usually based around costs of acquisition, deployment difficulties, effective utilisation, and costs of continuous support, maintenance and management.

Services that we provide and manage include:

  • Visibility and auditing of all network assets / devices including handheld devices, wireless devices, etc.
  • Visibility of Users, Applications & Processes
  • Policy Compliance Monitoring & Reporting
  • Corporate, Legislative, Security & Operational Policy Compliance
  • Policy Compliance Remediation & Enforcement Control


Case Study

   ForeScout and Axial Systems Case Study

Summary Paragraph: Multi-factor authentication-as-a-service eradicates security vulnerabilities whilst using operational expenditure and avoiding the need for hardware, management and training overheads.

Businesses today have to operate in an increasingly mobile and inter-connected world. Organisations need to provide their staff with on demand access to required information and communication services, regardless of their physical location, and regardless of the physical or dynamic location of the information. True competitive advantage is only achieved this way in today’s business landscape, particularly with the emergence of cloud computing, the convergence of video, data and voice and the proliferation of web-enabled services.

The most successful companies today are those who have fully embraced the realities of the strategic link between mobility and technology and the competitive advantage that the flexibility to harness the potential of today’s digital environment offers.

With the requirement to provide access comes the requirement to enforce security. User authentication practices, particularly those based on password use or single factor authentication processes often create the most vulnerable links in the security chain of an organisation.

A secure, robust, reliable and safe multi-factor user authentication service must therefore be an integral part of any security policy. These have typically tended to be traditional token-based solutions with huge acquisition, management and running costs.

Axial’s Managed Multi-factor Authentication service addresses these cost issues and helps to eradicate the afore-mentioned security vulnerabilities as a robust, managed option, procured as an on-going Operating Expenditure (OpEx) and billed retrospectively, monthly. The service affords the strongest level of secure multi-factor authentication possible in the most manageable, flexible and cost-effective means.

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