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Gain visibility and monitoring

Axial’s solutions are designed to give your business actionable intelligence and deliver ultimate control

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Total security for total control

From endpoint to data centre to cloud, Axial deliver total security in physical, virtual or containerised environments to protect your applications, your data and your bottom line

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Control is everything

It is essential for an organisation to have a robust security posture, visibility of network traffic, applications and services, in order to gain control and mitigate potential failures, threats and attacks.

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Deliver results and value

Axial provide a range of managed, professional and support services designed to help you achieve your objectives

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GDPR is a game changer

The most critical asset for any business is its data they hold. Do you understand your data and why it matters?

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Want to keep your network fast, smart and safe?

GigaSECURE® is the essential element that means you never have to sacrifice performance for security

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Monitoring, physical, virtual and cloud

In today’s highly connected world, the application is king and instant delivery is the minimum acceptable standard for many users. If an application runs slowly, users will find another one that does the job.

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Data centric

Data is the lifeblood of any business or organisation. It is also the prime target of individuals, groups, and even nation state hackers because it has value. The list of organisations that have been successfully targeted and found to have lost huge amounts of sensitive data is growing daily. Do not be the next headline. In order to fully protect an organisation’s data, Axial’s approach follows three phases. Discover, Classify and Secure.

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Enhanced support services

For customers wanting a little more than standard support but not as much as a fully managed service, Axial developed Enhanced Support services.

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Meeting the challenge of current and future business goals

G-Cloud approved

We are a registered supplier to the Governments G-Cloud Framework, specifically G-Cloud 11 which is the latest iteration in the G-Cloud framework, with multiple solutions listed under the ‘Platform as a Service’ banner

Cyber Essentials PLUS certification

We have received certification level of Cyber Essentials PLUS. Cyber Essentials PLUS certification indicates that the organisation has implemented and embraced operational and organisational cyber security

Our expertise

We are extremely proud of our professional and highly skilled, certified technical consultants, who between them have a wealth of experience covering all industry sectors


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is designed to strengthen and unify data protection for all individuals within the European Union.
Axial understands that GDPR covers a wide variety of topics and we offer impartial advice to help you towards GDPR readiness

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