Security and Automation

Our Security and Automation solutions are able to secure an entire IT environment from the end point through to the data centre and everything in between. Reducing risk through consistent security, across all platforms, as well as cost reduction through the simplification and automation of security policies. Our solutions add value to your organisation enabling you to reduce management overheads, improve visibility and reduce time associated with troubleshooting and resolution.

Network Visibility & Performance Monitoring

Our Network Visibility and Performance Monitoring solutions, ensure your organisation can see and accurately interpret everything happening on your network. No matter how large and complicated your enterprise network gets, full visibility is a necessity if problems are to be averted. Maintain your organisations competitive advantage, through efficient use of automation to complete business aligned tasks and faster implementation of change.

Always-on monitoring of all environments will give unprecedented visibility into the status and performance of business critical applications. Issues can be spotted early before IT users are impacted and problems can be resolved more quickly. End-user experience can be maintained leading to a competitive advantage.


Our high-performance solutions, with accompanying managed and support services, are drawn from the very best the industry has to offer.  Our vendor backed, world class support services have been designed to help you achieve your objectives, get the most out of you technology while optimising value and reducing risk.


Axial’s core skills provide visibility, control and management of networks, security and data in any environment.


Log4Shell Vulnerability Could Pose a Risk to Many Organisations

On December 9th 2021, Proof-of-concept code was publicly released on GitHub to exploit a zero-day vulnerability involving the Apache Log4j utility.

Finding and Closing Endpoint Vulnerabilities at the University of Salford

Cyber attacks targeting the UK University sector have been on the rise since the start of the global pandemic, and universities, in particular, have been under increasing attack.

Why Are Universities Being Hacked?

Since the global pandemic hit in 2020, the UK education sector has seen an increase in the number of cyber attacks.

Another Ransomware Attack on the Healthcare Industry

A few weeks ago we learnt of another ransomware attack on hospitals in Ireland who were forced to cancel routine appointments as a ransomware attack hit.

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