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Axial Systems provides support and services to ensure you get the most out of your technology.

Quickly identify poorly performing applications and minimise their impact on your business

Software applications support communication and facilitate a wide range of business processes. In most cases they have become an intrinsic part of day-to-day operations.

Whilst these applications can enable fast and efficient working practices, any disruption to service can cause a significant impact. What’s more, when business-critical applications suffer performance problems they are often high-profile and cause inconvenience and frustration to end users.

The impact of applications performing poorly can vary: productivity can slow down or stop altogether, financial implications such as margin erosion can occur and poor quality of service can damage brand reputation or result in lost customers. However, identifying the cause of poor application performance is not always straightforward, particularly where applications are reliant on complex interdependencies.

Axial Systems can provide a range of technology and expertise which will supply you with the information you need to assess application performance, identify existing and potential concerns, and understand the cause of any problems facilitating faster troubleshooting.

Through dependency mapping you can visualise the application and all the various elements involved in its processes. Any interdependencies are recognised which not only enables you to troubleshoot faster, it can show you the effect and likely impact of any future changes. Detailed information about network and application performance also gives you insight into the cause of performance issues which can help drive down Mean Time To Fix (MTTF).

Managed WAN Optimisation services

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