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Reduce the risk of potential endpoint security threats with our vital, comprehensive solution

Endpoints such as desktops, laptops, smart phones and other mobile devices are core enablers of the business. They play a pivotal role, acting as the main interface between people and network resources, but every time a device accesses the network it creates a potential security weakness.

There are many different threats which target endpoints. New malware such as viruses, Trojans, root-kits and worms is appearing every day and either looks for financial gain or simply tries to cause disruption. Data loss can lead to sensitive information being leaked as a result of accidental loss or malicious behaviour. Software vulnerabilities can also act as an Achilles heel, with new vulnerabilities being found and exploited daily.

All these security threats can have a huge impact on your organisation and cause significant financial, operational and reputation damage.

A successful endpoint security solution will protect against system downtime, financial losses, compliance breach, loss of reputation and the cost of repair following an attack.

It does this by providing greater visibility of the devices on your network and their security posture. It identifies and responds to potential threats, and it reduces manual workload by automating important but repetitive tasks. Ultimately it keeps your organisation productive by avoiding system downtime and ensuring services remain available.

Elements of an endpoint security solution include:

Anti-virus: protects your endpoints against malware
Data Loss Prevention (DLP): protects data from theft and accidental loss
Host IPS: protects against malware and mitigates patching requirements
File integrity monitoring: monitors the integrity of files to ensure they are not tampered with
Application white listing: permits only authorised applications to function
Disk encryption: encrypts full disks on all endpoints
File encryption: encrypts specific files and folders
Device control: controls whether devices, such as USB memory sticks and other removable storage, can be used
Database activity monitoring: monitors access to database table and any activity
Mailbox protection: protects internal inbound and outbound emails from malware and data loss
Privilege management: permits delegation of access rights to non-admin users
Vulnerability management: checks endpoints for software misconfiguration and vulnerabilities

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