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End User Experience Monitoring

End User Experience Monitoring

In our world of online commerce and with the growing provision of Web-based resources, competition is fierce. The simple act of a user clicking away from your website to that of your rivals can spell the difference between business success and failure. When completing transactions online, customers expect a hassle-free and speedy experience, and timely, if not instantaneous, responses to their problems and technical support queries.

End User Experience Monitoring is one of the key capabilities of an end-to-end application performance management solution. By tracking every transaction in the customer’s journey, IT professionals can optimise the user experience with end-to-end performance monitoring tools that quickly identify application issues and significantly reduce mean time to repair (MTTR).

EUEM can reveal how real human beings interact with and experience your mobile Apps and websites. With particular emphasis on the correlation between site or App speed (responsiveness) and user satisfaction, these observations can reveal new ways for you to improve and optimise the performance of your applications and Web resources.

The interaction of every visitor to your site can be monitored, throwing light on any problems they may encounter there and giving insight into how these issues might best be resolved.  Knowing how your users react to an application or website can suggest your best strategies for updating or tweaking these resources for future use. This type of monitoring can also suggest where investments may be most effectively targeted to improve your services, and how the overall experience for your customers may be improved.

Axial Systems, with 30+ years of experience in delivering network visibility monitoring to UK Enterprise customers, has a wealth of knowledge in providing the technology needed to deliver a first class End User Experience Monitoring solution.


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