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Health Monitoring

Health Monitoring

A Health Monitoring system can range from extremely simple “Is it up or down?” question, through to a very complex, customisable solution, involving setting thresholds, volumes of network traffic, data being read or written, temperatures, amongst many other metrics.  Key is deciding which statistics are to be collected and displayed.

A Health Monitoring system is typically built to provide a high-level overview of a system – perhaps an end-to-end view of an application and its components (including databases, web services, and other infrastructure elements).  Often, the Health Monitoring solution will also provide further drill down capability to provide detailed views of device resources, including CPU (Central Processing Unit), load, memory used, disk capacity etc.

All resource consumption is visible, allowing senior members of staff to easily understand overall availability, and systems administrators to understand quickly where problems may be arising, and quickly get to the root of the issue.  Key metrics range from user satisfaction, through latency and traffic levels to error levels, right down to low level hardware failures and resource usage.

By tracking resource usage, capacity forecasting charts and other metrics can be used to determine when resources will reach capacity; thereby ensuring that additional capacity is in place before reaching maximum levels.

One of the most important features in a monitoring tool is the ability to send real-time alerts when values being monitored reach a predetermined threshold. Devices and sensors often have pre-set thresholds, but users can set their own, based on the specific needs of their network or systems. These monitoring capabilities can provide invaluable and ongoing visibility into the status of whole networks, applications, or specific hardware and software health.

Monitoring your network and application health parameters, including availability, processes, services, and response times, can help your team troubleshoot performance problems more quickly and more efficiently and allows personnel to focus in on the key areas requiring their attention.

The faster any issues can be resolved, ensuring downtime or poor performance is minimised, the happier your users, and end customers are.

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