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Packet Broker

Packet Broker

Network monitoring technology is widely used to:

  • Observe network performance,
  • Provide timely information should problems occur,
  • Monitor network infrastructure for security purposes.

The success of these tools is entirely dependent on them receiving accurate and complete information.

Unfortunately, there are many reasons why the information supplied to network monitoring tools can fall below the required standards.  Traffic volume is a common issue, with legacy tools unable to cope with traffic levels following a 10Gb, 40Gb, 100Gb or faster, upgrade to the network core.

Having a high number of links to monitor can also cause a problem, with appliances unable to support the number of data feeds.  Conversely, wanting to deploy a high number of monitoring tools can be problematic if there are not enough data feeds to supply them all. Designing the right packet brokering solution requires experience and a detailed understanding of business needs.

The Network Packet Broker can aggregate data feeds, apply intelligent filtering, and perform other manipulation of traffic flows in order to ensure that only the required information is sent to your network monitoring and security tools.  This extends the lifespan of your often very expensive toolsets, improving your return on investment.

The aggregation function of the Network Packet Broker allows traffic from disparate network sources to be combined to provide much improved visibility over your entire network. Additionally, there are numerous techniques which allow for advanced management and processing of monitored traffic.

Advanced Filtering – isolates and delivers only the traffic you want your appliances to receive, discarding unwanted monitored traffic in order to reduce the monitoring tools’ workload.

De-duplication – removes duplicated traffic if required, which can occur when data passes multiple monitored links which are reporting into the same monitoring tools.

Regeneration – where multiple tools are needed to monitor the same link, for example for both network performance and security purposes, a duplicate copy of traffic can be created and sent to both.

Time Stamping: – can apply accurate timestamps to allow for precision performance monitoring and analysis.

SSL Decryption – decrypts traffic for security analysis

Data Masking: – data within packets to ensure regulatory compliance, and control what data is visible to those analysing it

Load Balancing – directs traffic to monitoring tools, ensuring their workload does not exceed capacity.

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