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Turbulent times for airline

British Airways was fined £183m last year because of a site diversion hack planted on the BA website duping 500,000 […]

The IoT and 5G landscape – revisited

It only seems like yesterday that we shared our blog how secure is your fridge? about how IoT (Internet of […]

Maintaining Vigilance

Given the post-government advisories regarding social distancing and reduction / elimination of unnecessary travel, most of us have been working […]

Coronavirus boosts remote working!

With the constant updates around Coronavirus increasing by the day, many organisations are looking at ways to protect and limit […]

The dawn of 5G

5G promises to be the dawn of the IoT with ubiquitous connectivity which will support multiple devices, applications and protocols […]

Ransomware dominates healthcare

The most common form of cyber-attacks last year were ransomware attacks which dominated the healthcare sector. The latest research from […]

It’s Criminal!

The boss of Travelex has broken his silence over the last few days about the cyber attack that forced its […]

Axial break cycling record! Well, not really…

Axial Systems’ Andy “Pikey” Pike is now back at his desk, and quite saddle sore, having just completed his charity cycle odyssey from Land’s End to John O’ Groats. But it’s not too late to sponsor him!

School’s out for Lancaster

Lancaster University is the latest victim of a cyber security breach, admitting to a large scale phishing attack which took place last Friday.

You could be just 120 minutes away from becoming a victim.

Hot news from the BBC; “Hackers could be in your system in less than 2 hours”!

How businesses can see what’s happening on their network

With business infrastructures getting more complex and data traffic levels rising, organisations increasingly need to understand what’s going on in […]

GDPR Just Got Real!

Just over a year after GDPR – the EU General Data Protection Regulation – came into force, the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) seems to be celebrating by meting out nearly £300m in fines to two large companies this week.

Do you want to be paying out like Equifax?

I’d rather spend my £600m elsewhere! Equifax’s settlement figure with the Federal Trade Commission for the 2017 cyber theft of […]

Network Segmentation – How can Businesses Reap the Rewards

Many enterprises want to segment their networks, but most don’t know where to start, and it is easy to see […]

Signs You Need To Upgrade Your IT Solutions

Every organisation knows that an efficient IT infrastructure helps with the success of the business, that is why it is […]

Benefits of Hiring A Managed Services Provider

Outsourcing IT through managed services is increasingly being utilised by small and midsize businesses (SMBs) who usually have limited IT […]

Is GDPR causing a big data backlash?

Last year, pub chain J D Wetherspoon deleted its entire customer database, with the company saying it no longer wanted […]

Cryptojacking campaigns

Cryptojacking is on the rise and now one of the fastest-growing forms of cyber-criminal activity. Large powerful business systems are […]

Outrunning the bear

Attending RSA this year was one of the perks of working in the Networking and Security industry.  Mingling with tens […]

East to West – Your Data Centre’s Security Danger Zone

Traditionally, networks were constructed on standard building blocks such as switches and routers, whilst security solutions – whether perimeter firewalls […]

Our new partnership with Polystar

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Polystar to offer telecoms operators greater, real-time insight from customer data. The […]

Securing your company culture

It’s very easy to blame technology for many of today’s problems but it’s a particularly convenient scapegoat when it comes […]

Are Employees Still the Weakest Link?

If a business had no staff – or clients – its security could be exemplary. Of course, the concept is […]

How secure is your fridge?

The Internet of Things is on the rise with Statista Inc. predicting that by 2020 the installed base of IoT […]

Cracking down on Data Breaches

When Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) first took off, security concerns drove companies to take measures to endeavour to counteract […]

Blurred Boundaries

Networking and security used to be largely separate IT methodologies, writes Dave Nicholson, Technical Sales Consultant, Axial. And they could […]

Making data security a priority in a cloud first world

“Moving to cloud? Don’t neglect the security challenges. Ensure you have a security policy that works seamlessly across on-premise and […]

What went so wrong at the NHS

A recent report on the scale of the cyber-attack on the National Health Service has revealed the true extent of […]

Navigating the security challenges of a cloud first approach

The very act of moving data to the cloud brings inherent security concerns. With the benefits of the approach, from […]

GDPR – Why it’s time to stop passing the buck

When it comes to GDPR, Mike Simmonds, managing director at Axial Systems explains why it’s time for the board to […]

Another partnership for Axial Systems

We are excited to have added another partner to our portfolio, Guardicore, a leader in data centre and cloud security, […]

Can you attain GDPR compliance with a tech quick fix?

With The GDPR deadline date coming into force in less than a year, some organisations haven’t even begun their preparations […]

New partnership with Boldon James

We are delighted to announce our recent partnership with Boldon James. Boldon James are market leaders in data classification and […]

Understanding the terminology of GDPR

Under the upcoming EU GDPR, notification of breaches forms a key part of the new regulation. First of all, let’s […]

We have partnered with Aqua Security

With containers becoming a vital component of IT operations, we are delighted to have signed an agreement with distributor Securicom […]

Cyber-attack findings

Our recent security survey to 250 C-Suite members results have been published. We found 68% of organisations said they did […]

GDPR needs to bite down on data security online

“I know GDPR has teeth, but those teeth need to be used. They may well have to make some examples […]

Another cyber attack? Really?

It’s been over a week since the WannaCry ransomware attack that affected the UK’s NHS and yet again it brings […]

Network Security is no game

Do you remember the board-game ‘mousetrap’ where the participants take turns building the mouse trap as each player moves around […]

A new role…

Trying to understand what is correct and what isn’t when becoming GDPR compliant? Our next blog in this series looks […]

Myths surrounding GDPR

For the past few years a regulation has been plaguing the minds of businesses everywhere, EU GDPR. Now almost 3 […]

You have 72 hours..

Trying to understand what is correct and what isn’t when becoming GDPR compliant? Our next blog in this series looks […]

Layered approach towards networks

Ensuring the door is locked when we leave our homes or removing our personal possessions from sight when we park […]

Taking the air out of ransomware

What would you do, if you could not access any of your business documents or personal files – and were […]

Chasing the Cloud

With any company planning to make a shift in their business by migrating to the cloud, the top priority should […]

Data Protection Day

Data Privacy Day is about education, raising awareness, promoting privacy and data protection best practices. This year it has even […]

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