I’m sure we’d all like to know where our money would be best invested for greatest return. This is particularly true when it comes to structured network security.

A simple and elegant option would be to block the IP traffic from internet locations where you KNOW you don’t have business relations. Why? To save your Firewalls, sand-boxes, Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems and Next Generation whatnots from having to analyse emails and the like from places and companies where you know you have no trading partners with whom you intentionally want to trade, leaving them to analyse traffic you expect that may be compromised.

Simply block all sources that you don’t know on a country-by-country or IP address by IP address basis, or anything in between, at full line rate, with a simple management and control interface that shows what it is blocking and why, and gives you a value-based report of what benefit is being realised, automatically.

This, coupled with a real-time updated block-list of sources of known problem communications sources from a live threat feed to keep your threat posture valid, timely and relevant.

Now, add a check for outbound communication from all locations WITHIN your organisation to the same list of blocked and dubious locations to track-down already compromised and roaming users systems which may be “phoning home” and produce alerts in monitor-mode or actively block traffic at the lowest level to ensure your threat surface is managed, controlled and permanently relevant.

It will save you time, money and will improve the efficiency of what is already deployed to keep your network secure. Can you afford not to?

We have a simple solution that immediately addresses each of the above issues upon installation, and within 30 minutes shows tangible value by measurably and significantly blocking traffic and reducing load on your existing security perimeter subsequently presenting its activity and findings in a simple dashboard. It is called ThreatARMOR and we’d love to demonstrate its obvious and swift return on investment.

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