1989. Sky Television began broadcasting the first satellite TV service in Britain. The ‘486 series of microprocessor was released by Intel paving the way for the next generation of powerful PCs. Kylie and Jason topped the charts, Theo Walcott was born and Axial Systems Limited was founded.

The internet was still in its infancy, mobile phones the size of suitcases were cutting edge and Paul Spencer decided the time was right to strike out on his own and start up a business. Ethernet and Token Ring networks were becoming more flexible and cost effective, and Paul saw the potential this new market had to offer. And now, 25 years later, Axial Systems is delighted to be celebrating its Silver Anniversary.

From the very beginning, Axial Systems has been at the forefront of new, innovative technology. Creating partnerships with small start-ups that, with a little support, have gone on to become industry standard solutions. Cinco Networks’ “NetXRay”, NetOptics with their full range of network access taps, Niksun’s NetVCR Ethernet recorder, AirMagnet’s wireless planning and analysis, and Gigamon and APCON aggregators, the list of game changers goes on and on. All fundamentally changing the way we run, analyse, manage and secure our networks today.

In the early days this involved fact-finding trips across the United States, but it soon became apparent that if you had a new, innovative solution that needed bringing to the UK market, Axial Systems was your partner of choice. Now, companies approach Axial Systems, hoping that Axial will see the potential in their new solution and help them make it a success.

It’s this ability to not only see the potential in new technologies, but embrace it, and then deliver it with care and attention that has set Axial Systems apart from its competitors. But it’s the commitment to provide solutions that solve real business issues, that enables Axial to deliver true value to its customers.

The key to this value is relationships. High levels of staff retention, some employees have been on board for over ten years, means long term customer relationships have been forged and maintained.

Axial Systems, Sales Director, Guy Blackman comments “If you don’t have high staff turnover in key, customer facing roles, it’s much easier to create strong, long lasting mutually beneficial customer relationships. Axial becomes an extension of the customer’s team, fully understanding their issues and filling the gaps in their expertise as a trusted partner.”

This is one of the reasons why Axial Systems enjoys long standing relationships with businesses ranging from blue chip financial institutions to small enterprises, and many public sector organisations including NHS trusts, universities and schools, police constabularies and county councils.

“Axial Systems has never been in a better position to deliver high quality services to its customers,” says Mike Simmonds, Managing Director of Axial Systems. “With a strong infrastructure that spans the length and breadth of the country, we are ideally placed to support our customers no matter where they’re located. With a strong heritage of bringing new, innovative solutions to market that have progressed to become industry standards, we bring unprecedented levels of skill and experience to the table. If you couple this with our continued commitment to building real relationships and delivering true value to our customers, it’s the ideal time to see how Axial Systems can add value to your business.”