Have you put up your Christmas tree yet?  I did, then I noticed a distinct lack of Christmas cheer from the usually happy bunch of elves I call my children who were struggling with streaming this, facebooking that and whatsapping the other.

Their happy little faces were etched with the pain of poor connectivity to “their” internet, and what was I going to do about it?  After much sipping of Christmas brandy, and chewing on more than my fair share of mince pies, I determined that a possible common denominator were the strings and strings of rapidly flashing LED fairly lights adorning the tree.

While I agree that Christmas lights old and new can interfere with wireless routers by emitting electromagnetic waves in the same range (something the Ofcom suggested last year in a statement I wonder how much impact those bright decorations really have on my home Wi-Fi.

My initial idea for this article was to provide information regarding a variety of topics like frequency spectrum, signal propagation, antennas, obstacles, attenuation, etc. However, many other blogs and articles have already taken care of that so, instead, I will provide a quick and easy way to approach the issue;

The flowchart below is intended as a simple guide to determine if the problem actually exists in the first place, how much of an impact it has on your internet connectivity and whether anything can be done to minimise it whilst maintaining the festive mood.

Ho ho no