For the past few years a regulation has been plaguing the minds of businesses everywhere, EU GDPR.

Now almost 3 years later we know what the regulation will be and when it will come into effect (25th May 2018). But still many business heads are left wondering what it really means and how will it affect them and their business. Let’s take a look at GDPR and some of the myths that surround it in the next three blogs.


Many UK firms are still trying to figure out how the shock result in 2016 to leave the European Union will affect them. But one that is clear is that regardless of where you stood on the result or where your business is based if you want to trade with the EU you will have to meet their regulations.

This includes the EU GDPR. So anybody who thought they were going to get away with not having to follow the GDPR are now having to wake up to the fact that they will still need to prepare for its imminent arrival. This means that if you have been putting off preparations to see the result all you have done is given yourself an even shorter time scale to be prepared.