I’ll cut to the chase here. In my opinion 2015 will be the year that network and application convergence finally deliver for enterprises of all sizes. I am of course talking about SDN and NFV

After the large operational behemoths like AT&T successfully tested the waters of SDN and NFV in 2014, in 2015 we shall see the innovation become more and more main-stream.

We will also see the ascendancy of differing approaches to SDN and NFV, perhaps routers and switches which leverage virtualisation out of the box. Juniper, being the de facto open standards network appliances vendor, will be bringing some interesting additions to their SDN offerings which should benefit many companies and the industry in general.

All of this does pose a problem however, how can you see into the virtual world and analyse and monitor it in the real world? This will be where the virtual tap comes in, allowing you to monitor and analyse (instrument) all parts of your network and eliminate those pesky blind spots.

Whereas in the past the question may have been: How many more resources are required? The question will more likely be: How can I use the resources I have more efficiently? The best way to do that is to instrument your entire network giving you visibility of where resources are being wasted or under-used.

Finally I think that the hybrid network will be more and more common. For many organisations the benefits of the cloud are obvious, but the loss of some control has many larger organisations concerned.

With hybrid networks, the elements of your network that you need to keep control of can remain within your grasp, while allowing cloud service providers to use their economies of scale and other efficiencies to provide cost effective solutions while integrating with your network. This means security measures will need to adapt, meaning the next-gen security measures will finally become current-gen.

So in twelve months time I see this year having been the year where SDN and NFV become mainstream technologies, Instrumentation becomes even more important and security platforms evolve becoming more intelligent.

And as always, Axial will be at the forefront leveraging these technologies or providing solutions which allow you to maximise your investment in them.