Spending a few days in Las Vegas at the end of April at the world-renowned Interop trade show – somewhere the hype of acronyms and technical positioning of solutions looking for a problem compete with the excesses of Las Vegas itself.

Giving me the chance to swiftly see what the Silicon Valley start-up companies are suggesting might be the next wave of viable products and services. This is where our strategic supplier-base all congregate and release their new offerings;

interesting areas that are now established areas of Axial technical dominance are still on the up-tick with network packet aggregators and brokers on almost every row of the show and something-as-a-service on most the rest. What happens in Vegas comes back to the solution incubator in Axial – I saw some exciting technology which will make a valuable addition to the Axial solution portfolio – hopefully I will be able to give you more details soon.

While I was there, I was intrigued to see that technical areas in which we have had consistent and long-lasting success of network data access (in tapping both copper and fibre) and the subsequent aggregation of the collected data was still an area receiving much attention from the traditional vendors it is also attracting new entrants to the list of manufacturers. The next thrust from all of them is the generation of meta-data (NetFlow, SFlow, xFlow) data for backhauling and central analysis. This further confirms the prediction that moving the smarts closer to the wire, and moving the monitoring to a central location is the way to go – Big data will only get bigger, and bringing everything back across the network does not make sense, but performance and utilisation details are vital to planning and management as well as network security.

Data on data – the way to go!