Hot news from the BBC; “Hackers could be in your system in less than 2 hours”!

Tony English, CEO of Axial Systems observes “This should be a real concern for any large organisation whose business continuity relies on their infrastructure and who values their data. We’re finding that organisations bring in a network security partner way too late in the process, to resolve hacking issues, as opposed to preventing the breach in the first place”.

Axial Systems has been a leading light in the Security and Networking Industry for over 30 years and works hard to to help clients review their defences before breaches occur, highlighting any potential risks and implimenting specialist tools and expertise to ensure organisations do not fall foul of these hackers.

Axial’s dedication to trawling the Globe to find the most innovative technology partners ensures their customers can sleep soundly at night, knowing they are in the safe and experienced hands of one of the industries most long-standing specialists, supporting a wide range of organisations, from SMBs up to some of the largest organisations in the UK.

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