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Micro Segmentation

Micro Segmentation

Micro Segmentation creates security policies around your workloads and ring-fences your applications from one another; thereby creating granular security zones, zero trust environments and ensuring compliance.

Our solution provides a single platform that gives you unprecedented graphic visibility and protection of all your assets across hybrid cloud environments that span on-premises workloads, VMs, containers, and deployments in public cloud (including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform). This deep visibility dramatically accelerates the process of identifying, grouping and creating security policies around micro-segments of applications. It does this by completely decoupling itself from the underlying infrastructure and provides context based micro segmentation, including user identities, process level and fully qualified domain names, and helps you to make data driven decisions about securing your datacentre.

Our Software Defined Segmentation solution enables your SOC team to move more rapidly to a Zero Trust security posture, while also reducing the cost and complexity of ongoing policy management.  Zero trust is achieved by creating micro-zones to control sensitive data assets. Additionally, our platform’s breach detection technology embodies advanced techniques to discover and scope illicit activity, and to identify security breaches within the data centre. It spots anomalies, irregular patterns and suspicious, ongoing, spreading attack processes. It does this using methods such as Dynamic Deception, Security Policies and Reputation Analysis. Our solution provides complete protection of virtually all your data centre infrastructures and automates breach detection in real time at the earliest phase of an attack.


Some of the key features of our solution are:

Wide Coverage – applies micro-segmentation policies anywhere your applications run today or tomorrow, spanning public, private or hybrid cloud environments

Deep Visibility – for application discovery and dependencies mapping allows you to understand the full context of application dependencies before defining micro-segmentation security policies.

Intuitive Workflow – provides a simple workflow from mapping application dependencies to suggesting and setting rules, so you understand their impact before applying to traffic.

Granular Policies – allows you to set and enforce “process-level” rules to tightly control flows between application components, resulting in the strongest possible security posture.


Our solution can:

Application Discovery and Dependency Mapping

  • Automatically correlate network and process-level activity
  • Identify application behaviour with process-level context
  • Automatically import orchestration metadata to generate asset labels

Quickly Design, Text and Deploy Policies

  • Design policies using automated rule suggestions based on historical observations
  • Intuitive workflow supports continuous policy refinement and eliminates errors
  • Consistently express policy across any environment

Enforce Strong Security in Any Environment

  • Control communications at both the network and process-level on Windows and Linux
  • Investigate policy violations and detect breaches faster with integrated data from multiple attack vectors
  • Maintain security regardless of operating system enforcement limitations



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