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Security Orchestration and Response (SOAR)

Security Orchestration and Response (SOAR)

Security Orchestration involves interweaving people, processes, and technology in the most effective manner possible, to strengthen the security posture of an organisation and to improve efficiencies in its security operations. This is achieved by streamlining security processes, connecting disparate security tools and technologies, and maintaining the right balance of machine-powered security automation and human intervention.  Large volumes of data are collected from multiple sources, in order to analyse low level security events, and to provide automated responses with no, or minimal, human interaction.

Our solution empowers security professionals to effectively and efficiently carry out security operations and incident response.  This is done in several ways:

Improved Efficiency of Operations – Through automation of many day-to-day, simple security operations we can help with improvements in the management of the numerous alarms generated by multiple security systems.  Without SOAR, managing the output of these numerous systems, can lead to mistakes being made, due to multiple teams being involved, or simply by missing some detail.

As a further improvement in efficiency, the automations created can reduce, or altogether remove the requirements for analyst intervention, meaning that once learned, a response is not forgotten due to changes in staff, or lack of attention to detail.

Improved Intelligence – SOAR assists with improving the usefulness of the data provided by the alarms and alerts from the many disparate solutions most organisations own, by aggregating the data, and delivering vastly improved capability so that you make better, more informed decisions, and accelerate incident detection and response.

Efficient Incident Response – SOAR helps organisations to reduce the time to detection of incidents, and also, therefore, the time to respond to these incidents by utilising “playbooks”; automated processes to investigate, correlate, and perhaps react to events through integrations with other security systems.

Our solution is a comprehensive Security Orchestration platform which can be deployed both on-premise and as a hosted solution to serve security teams across the incident lifecycle.

Our Security Orchestration and Automation solution enables standardised, automated, and coordinated responses across your security product stack.

Our solution provides:

Visual Playbook Editor

  • Provide easy-to-build, drag-and-drop playbooks with thousands of security actions across multiple products, workflow logic, and manual checks and balances.

Live Workplan Review

  • Enable a clear graphical interface to review and validate playbook runs in real-time, with human-readable output and machine-readable context.

Integrations and Extensible Platforms​

  • Offer hundreds of built-in security product integrations with intuitive classification mappers and a powerful software development kit to build custom integrations.



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