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Security Policy Management/Firewall Management

Security Policy Management/Firewall Management

Optimise your security policy and eliminate clutter.

Our Security Management solution allows you to effortlessly optimise your network security policies, keeping them clean and lean, across cloud, SDN, and on-premises enterprise network firewalls. Actionable reports identify and help you remove the bloat and clutter from your policy, and automated change management processes ensure that new rules are optimally designed and implemented, so that you don’t generate more clutter over time.

Our solution can:

  • Uncover and remove unused, duplicate or conflicting rules
  • Consolidate or reorder rules for better performance
  • Tighten overly permissive rules (e.g. “Any/Any”) without impacting business requirements
  • Re-certify expired rules based on security and business needs
  • Maintain policy hygiene by intelligently designing each rule change
  • Securely remove access for decommissioned applications
  • Ensure a clean and optimised security policy
  • Drastically reduce complexity across the firewall estate
  • Streamline and automate much of the audit preparation processes
  • Ensure continuous compliance
  • Avoid outages and prevent cyber-attacks
  • Improve network performance and extend firewall hardware lifespan


Process security policy changes in minutes not days!

With our Security Policy Manager you can accurately process security policy changes in minutes or hours, not days or weeks. Using intelligent, highly customisable workflows our solution streamlines and automates the entire security policy change process across on-premises, hybrid and cloud environments — from planning and design to proactive risk analysis, implementation on the device, validation and auditing.

As part of the process, we close any unnecessary change requests, such as ones that already work, which helps prevent up to 30% of redundant changes. Additionally, we continuously monitor all policy changes and ensure that they correlate to a specific request – to detect and prevent unauthorised, rogue changes.

Every step of the change process is fully documented to track accountability and SLAs, as well as to provide a complete audit trail for your auditors – you will avoid guesswork and errors, reduce risk and complexity, enforce compliance, align teams and foster a collaborative approach to security policy management. Because our solution understands policy across on-premises, cloud and hybrid solutions we can also help to simplify the migration of applications from on-premises to cloud, ensuring security and micro-segmentation doesn’t break strategy, or introduce risk or violate compliance during or after the migration.

Our solution can:

  • Automate the entire change process for on-premises, cloud and hybrid environments
  • Proactively assess the risk of every proposed change
  • Intelligently design rule changes and validate correct implementation
  • Push policy changes directly to the device
  • Simplify migration of business applications to the cloud
  • Document changes and generate an audit trail
  • Seamlessly integrate with existing ticketing systems
  • Process network security policy changes in minutes not days
  • Avoid errors, reworks and application outages
  • Ensure changes adhere to internal and regulatory standards
  • Add network and security intelligence and automation to your existing SIEM and ticketing systems
  • Align various stakeholders for improved accuracy, accountability and governance





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