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Health Checks

Health Checks

A full health check from Axial Systems comprises an on-site investigation to understand and record relevant information about your infrastructure.  We will fully document all relevant infrastructure components, services, and configurations.  This will be examined by one of our highly skilled, experienced consultants in order to identify any areas of concern, or areas for improvement.  This may range from security concerns, to configuration issues, through to software versions, and all will be fully documented and reviewed with you.

Should you wish, Axial can also perform the recommended configuration and software, or firmware updates, through a consultancy engagement, to ensure you optimise your return on investment, and bring your environment in-line with the latest versions, and industry best-practice configurations.


QuickStart Audits

One of the important functions that Axial perform for our clients is where we help inform an internal business case through the provision of standalone assessments that identify the extent of existing areas of IT concerns, as well as the impact and benefit of resolving them

The following ‘QuickStart’ audits can be found below, with a summary of each service. Get in touch with Axial below to find out more about our audits and how they can assist your organisation:

Automated Penetration Testing Audit
Axial perform a ‘white hat’ cyber attack simulation to assess your existing security controls that will return actionable insights into areas of weakness or inefficiency.

Improving SecOps Efficiencies Audit
IT security breaches are an unfortunate inevitability; we offer an audit that assesses ways to improve detection of and recovery from cyber threats more quickly and efficiently, as well as the potential to uncover huge cost savings.

Closing the Office365 Attack Vector Audit
A growing number of organisations are being impacted by successful O365 exploitations, let us help you to identify exploitable gaps that could otherwise lead to cyber compromise.

Zero Trust Assessment
Have Axial audit your readiness towards adopting a zero trust approach; this assessment includes an attack surface reduction simulation and RoI calculation.

Endpoint Hygiene Assessment
We assess the hygiene of your endpoint estate and show just how easy it now is to consolidate an endpoint solution stack into a single tool, making endpoints and software much easier to see, manage and secure, whilst uncovering vast cost-saving opportunities.

Application Dependency Audit
This assessment automates the collection of data around software utilisation, versions and updates required, providing a detailed inventory and an application dependency map (interactive as an ongoing service).

Network Traffic Flow Workshop
Whilst not a formal audit offer, we leverage our 25-year+ experience in this technology space to help you to review the existing tools you use to assure and manage network traffic flow, looking at opportunities to improve performance efficiencies and reduce ongoing costs.

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