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Managed Services

Managed Services

It isn’t necessary, or indeed sensible from a business point of view, for you to do everything in-house. In actuality it isn’t possible in today’s increasingly complex and dynamic environment to staff for every eventuality. In many cases it is more cost effective for lower value tasks – such as break-fix and health monitoring – to be managed by a third party. Such as Axial Systems.

Axial’s approach to the provision of managed services is straightforward. Our aim is always to clearly demonstrate reduced running costs, improved efficiency and tangible business benefits, within a partnership framework where our customers retain full ownership of their business processes.

Axial Systems provide specialist managed services, centred on the solutions we provide – Security & Automation, Network Visibility & Performance Monitoring. Based on a modular, flexible approach, Axial are able to provide the exact set of services that each customer needs, tailored to meet their particular operational and business requirements.

A Managed Service means something different to everyone: ranging from a very light touch service, to having a team of experts on-site.  The services we provide are fully tailored to deliver what you want, when you want it, ensuring continuous improvements to your visibility and security environments.

The methodology employed in delivering these services will typically follow a standardised approach:

  • Discovery – to understand your service requirements and environment. Our consultants will engage with stakeholds and users of the systems as required in order to understand service level requirements and to design the service solution appropriately.
  • Consultancy – to design, document and implement the service, under the scrutiny of a service delivery manager and, where necessary, a project manager. We will undertake full technical scoping of your existing environment in order to understand technically how the solution should be implemented, or updated to bring to a suitable point for service to commence
  • Service Operation – ongoing delivery of the services provided, including support, monitoring, adds/moves/changes, consultancy, change control.
  • Service Delivery – oversight of service, service reviews, continuous improvement, support, monitoring, reporting, Adds/Moves/Changes, enhancements. Our Service Delivery Manager will work with your team(s) to report on, and continually monitor the performance of the service in order to ensure we perform to the best of our ability, delivering to your needs.
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