Axial has over 25 years of experience in network and performance monitoring. This experience has now been introduced into the security space to provide unparalleled visibility and meaningful business intelligence.

Automatic monitoring of all aspects of security within the network – physical, virtual or cloud – is a fundamental part of Axial’s framework philosophy. Without it, the information provided by the individual elements is simply regarded as noise and very often goes unheeded.

Business Value

Early warning

of potential security issues – no expensive surprises

Reduce risk

from compromised users and/or devices helping meet compliance goals

Reduce attack

Coverage for both managed and un-managed assets thereby reducing attack surface

Protect Investments

in existing security tools

Axial can tailor automatic monitoring to your specific business requirements – whether it’s a simple integration into existing SIEM products or a dedicated toolset backed by human analysts – or anything in between.

Whatever version of security monitoring is appropriate for your business, the key aspects remain the same. To provide relevant information at an individual element level and to upstream systems.

  • Visibility – see everything and what it’s doing – physical, virtual or cloud
  • Assets – near real-time view of status, performance and potential issues
  • Applications – deep insight into application dependencies and possible security gaps
  • Automatic deception – can be triggered by behaviour to trick malware into running
  • Users and behaviour – alert on abnormal behaviour before a breach occurs
  • Consolidation – link multiple sources of information together for upstream systems

IT Value

Reduce time

to resolution in the event of a security related issue


Consolidation aspects provide all the heavy lifting – less time trouble-shooting

Trigger Events

Automatically run specific functions based on trigger events or behaviours

Guidance on fixing

Fewer false positives – IT teams only see real issues with guidance on how to fix them

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