Data is the lifeblood of any business or organisation. It is also the prime target of individuals, groups, and even nation state hackers because it has value. The list of organisations that have been successfully targeted and found to have lost huge amounts of sensitive data is growing daily. Do not be the next headline.

In order to fully protect an organisation’s data, Axial’s approach follows three phases. Discover, Classify and Secure.

  • Discover - understand where the data is. On premises, in the cloud, back-up servers etc. or even residing on Mail servers as attachments.
  • Classify – determine what the data is. Is it sensitive, confidential or public? What compliance or legislative requirements apply? What policies need to be implemented to handle it properly?
  • Secure – depending upon the classification, data may need to be encrypted and/or access to it restricted to certain roles. Data loss prevention solutions may need to be instituted or updated. Serious consideration should be given to methods of adopting the same level of security in the cloud as in the data centre.

Business Value

Reduce risk

Helps meet compliance and legislative obligations (GDPR) and reduces risk of reputational or financial damage.

Minimise data corruption

Comprehensive data integrity – on-premises or in the cloud – minimises data corruption or modification

Protect current investments

Integration with existing security or management systems protects current investments thereby controlling costs

Reduce cost

Controlling who has access to data reduces risk and liability potentially reducing the cost of cyber Insurance

Good cyber-hygiene starts with data security and Axial’s approach goes a long way towards delivering that through leading technology and our extensive experience. Equally important is user education – an aspect that is often overlooked. Regular training and update sessions for users should be an integral part of your data security philosophy.

IT Value

Minimise data loss

issues and the associated costs of investigation and remediation

Reduce data management

overhead for the operational teams. Fewer investigations and corrections need to be made


of configuration and control delivers both operational and technical value


with existing systems and solutions forms part of a holistic security ‘platform’

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