Historically, network endpoints have been easy to locate and define – desktop PCs, phones and printers for example.

Now, however, the situation is much more complex and fluid. Laptops, BYO devices and smartphones – all associated with users – and IoT devices such as CCTV cameras with no user association are all potential points of access for malware to infiltrate the network – and all of them must be secured.

Business Value

Helps meet compliance

such as GDPR and protect reputation

Reduce risk

of data loss/compromise and the potential associated financial penalties

Protect investments

Avoid constant upgrade cycles of point products thereby protecting investments

Protect against threats

Reduces risk by protecting against both current and emerging threats

Endpoints can be broadly categorised as managed or unmanaged and Axial’s suite of solutions covers both, helping to ensure full coverage and a consistent level of security. In summary, Axial’s approach for managed endpoints are:

  • Patch – eliminate known vulnerabilities and stay on top of new ones
  • Anti-malware – block known malware rapidly with low overhead
  • Data loss prevention – prevent exfiltration of data in the event of compromise
  • Encryption – if data is lost or stolen, it is meaningless to the attacker
  • Behaviour-based – deals with unknown/advanced malware – stops the attack chain process
  • Threat intelligence – constant updates from global network of security specialists

IT Value

Improve coverage

of both managed and un-managed endpoints

Reduce management overhead

Threat intelligence provides constant updates thereby reducing management overhead

Reduce time

Significant reduction in time to resolution


Framework approach provides integration of all aspects and communication between them

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