IT Support London

For customers wanting a little more than standard support but not as much as a fully managed service, Axial developed enhanced support services.

IT Support London - These services build on the standard support by adding in pro-active monitoring of specified assets, delivering adds, moves, changes for them and providing regular activity and performance reporting . Additional aspects such as regular on-site resource can be included as part of an Enhanced Support agreement.

Our change control process analyses all AMC requests, determines the implications (if any) and feeds this back to our customers for approval prior to any work being carried out.

Enhanced support services typically include 24 x 7 technical support and are available as a 12 month or multi-year contract.

Business Value

Improve productivity

by allowing you to focus on key business areas

Reduce time

to business value by utilising Axial’s skill and expertise.

Reduce expenses

and make costs predictable

Reduce downtime

by identifying issues quickly

Protect investments

in existing IT solutions

IT Value

Increase time

available for business aligned tasks

Flexible service

offerings that scale as required

Enables planning

to minimise disruption and unexpected upgrades

Improve project delivery

without having to employ or train additional personnel

Pro-active monitoring

provides early warning of potential problems

Do you want to reduce
your operating expenses?