The exponential growth in network data traffic leads many organisations into a constant cycle of capacity planning and upgrades to their wired infrastructure. 10GE interfaces on servers are the norm now, the need to provide 40GE and even 100GE speeds in the network is growing and the traditional approach of a multi-tiered network architecture simply doesn’t work anymore.

Axial’s solutions can flatten networks and eliminate layers, create true fabrics that support SDN initiatives, and support high speed, low latency requirements. Fewer logical devices massively ease configuration, management and support overhead.

Business Value

Scale up

as business requirements dictate no “fork-lift” upgrades

Investment protection

flexible deployment models allow for re-purpose not replace


asset count and operating expenses

Cost savings

permit investment in key business areas not maintaining the status quo

We’ve helped many customers reduce expense, improve performance and create real value in their businesses including Government, Banking, Hi-speed Trading and general Enterprise.

IT Value

Future proof

with support for 10GE, 40GE and 100GE standards

Separation of data and control

planes enables in service software upgrades – zero downtime


use standalone, as part of a fabric or SDN underlay

Fewer logical units to configure

dramatically reduce management overhead

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