Wireless is fast becoming the de-facto way to access applications and network resources. Flexible working and mobility initiatives are also driving wider wireless deployment and adoption

A carefully designed and deployed wireless network can reduce infrastructure and running costs by as much as 95% and offers tremendous business value. Considering that just 10 access points could easily support 100 business users, the savings in traditional cabling, switches, power and ongoing support are often too good to pass up. Add in the cost/time savings to be had at an operational level and the case becomes really quite compelling.

Business Value

Improve user mobility

and productivity when compared to traditional desk based model

Reduce operating expense

by up to 90% - space, power, cooling, support etc. – can support “Green” initiatives


as business demands – can start small and build out as needed - assists in financial planning and budgeting decisions

Enable users flexibility

to work effectively – reduces staff turnover and retains talent

Axial’s solutions are based upon market leading technologies that exceed all industry standards, carry the highest security accreditation’s and deliver the best performance around. In addition, our wireless networks are considered inherently more secure than wired since all communications are encrypted from client to core, one of the many reasons they are used extensively in Government and Defence organisations. Centralised security and management are core aspects of any deployment and Axial can deliver solutions on-premises, in the cloud or a hybrid of both.

IT Value

Reduce infrastructure

user access by up to 90% less to configure and manage

User experience

ensures consistent user experience for laptops, tablets or smartphones

Inherent security

- client-to-core encryption -
reduces the need for external security devices

Centralised management

for easy configuration and reporting on-premises or cloud based

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