For many years organisations have purchased best of breed technologies to keep their systems and networks safe. All of these systems, however, create an increased workload on the people who need to manage them because each is separate and it can be difficult to correlate information generated by them.

Building upon Axial’s automatic monitoring solutions and other aspects of the security framework, the Intelligence layer is designed to provide companies with relevant, actionable information and insights into security performance, threats and potential fixes – with little or no overhead.

Security intelligence takes many forms and each organisations needs will be different. Our knowledge and experience enables us to deliver an appropriate solution in every circumstance – from simply integrating threat feeds into endpoint security through to large deployments including co-ordination between events, flows, threats, human analysts and cloud analytics platforms.

Business Value

Reduce costs

associated with potential breaches and/or data loss

Meet compliance

and regulatory obligations and protects reputation

Reduce resource requirements

No need to hire expensive analysts to provide experience, deep insights and human intuition

Free up manpower

for business-aligned tasks rather than problem analysis/solution

To get value from any intelligence system, the input to it must be of the highest quality. Axial’s holistic approach to security ensures that every aspect – data, endpoint, network, access control – delivers timely and highly relevant information upstream for processing.

Axial intelligence suite is a professional services offering which gives customers the added support of a dedicated analyst who can complement your existing security team and SOC operation.

IT Value

Reduce management

requirements for multiple disparate point solutions

Reduce time

associated with threat analysis and decision making

Focus on threats

Minimal ‘noise’ enabling IT teams to focus on real threats/issues and deal with them in a timely manner

Improve resolution time

Augments existing security teams and improves resolution time

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