Network Analysis London

In today’s highly connected world, the application is king and instant delivery is the minimum acceptable standard for many users. If an application runs slowly, they’ll find another one that does the job.

Network Analysis London - Axial’s monitoring solutions can address the above concerns across any combination of physical, virtual or cloud platforms. Data, flows and metrics can be acquired through various means – API integration, feeds from tapping/aggregation systems, passive listening or active interrogation – and used to generate outputs that mean something to the business. For example, capacity trending/planning, asset utilisation, application response time – all the evidence required to make informed business decisions.

Business Value

Minimise risk

helps meet compliance and regulatory requirements and maintain reputation

Create business intelligence

and reduce operational expenses by improved asset utilisation

Early visibility

of potential problems - helps prevent outages that cause business disruption

Improve customer experience

customer retention and acquiring new customers

The pace of cloud adoption is accelerating – be that a pure-play cloud strategy or some form of hybrid model. In both cases, what goes on in the cloud is no less important to the business than that on-premise. Axial’s Monitoring solutions provide the same deep visibility and intelligence whether your cloud is private or in Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud or a combination.

Monitoring solutions are a core competence for Axial. Generally deployed in many organisations across Government, Banking and Finance, Service Provider, Telecommunications and Enterprise generally.

IT Value

Application performance

Deploy new services with confidence by optimising application performance.

Troubleshooting / resolution

Easily identify deviations for the norm and reduce time for troubleshooting/resolution.


Consolidated view across all silos helps create effective management.

Easy to deploy and scale

works in any environment – physical, virtual and/or cloud.

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