With the increasing complexity of networks and the rise in data traffic levels, businesses more than ever need to see and understand what’s going on. Not just from a capacity or performance viewpoint but also due to legislative and industry specific compliance requirements.

Axial’s tapping and aggregation solutions provide the ability to extract data from multiple points on any network simultaneously, filter traffic of interest and pass it on to centralised performance monitoring tools, security tools, forensic analysis platforms, SIEM systems – indeed, any tool or analyser – up to 100Gbps.

Business Value

Asset and reputation protection

helps meet compliance and legislative obligations including, GDPR and PCI-DSS

Reduce refresh cycles

protects current investments in security and monitoring tools

Implement changes quickly

and maintain competitive advantage

Frees up manpower

for business aligned tasks rather than problem analysis/solution

Axial’s solutions deliver business, operational and technical value to Central/Local Government, Banking and Finance, Legal, Gaming, Trading and Service Provider clients amongst many others.

IT Value

Gain insight

and visibility into what’s actually happening in all of the network all of the time including errors – without having to deploy engineers

Speed and media conversion

supporting any network up to 100GE with in built speed and media conversion

Filter traffic

observe only traffic of interest – aids diagnostics, troubleshooting and reduces MTTR and MTTI.

Minimises change control

install TAPs once and use the aggregation layer in multiple ways and at any time you see fit without disruption

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